Reviews & Media

Should the Law Treat Divorced Parents More Like Married Parents? (NY Times op-ed by Dr. Emery)

Helping Children With Divorce (Video)

“Bird Nesting” (Washington Post magazine feature)

Omaha World Herald

Emery's Truth Featured in Newsweek
Newsweek's Holiday Survival Guide

Divorce Lingers On: Adverse Effects On Kids Often Delayed Until Adulthood
by Michelle Quinn, San Jose Mercury News
For Beth Wolff, the effects of her parents' divorce almost 30 years ago...

Review by Fiona Garwood
I am usually a bit wary of books which claim to offer "the truth"...

NGA Webcast Series Video Files (July - August 2004)
Supporting Healthy Marriages and Strong Families

Scientific American Mind
"Custody Disputed" by Robert Emery, Randy K. Otto, and William O'Donohue

Family Court Review (Volume 43, Issue 2, Page 339)
Review by Janet Johnston

National Public Radio's The Parents Journal
Dr. Emery offers advice to divorcing parents in an extended interview, "Putting Kids First After Divorce" (Note: This page requires RealPlayer)

National Public Radio's Justice Talking, "The Tug of War Over Children"
Dr. Emery speaks to the child's perspective

The Today Show Web Site
In "Tips for tackling the challenges of divorce," The Today Show recommends The Truth about Children and Divorce

The Larry Elder Show Website
"Divorce and Children: Things To Consider When You're Staying Married Only For Your Children" by Karl Augustine recommends The Truth about Children and Divorce

San Franscisco Chronicle and the New York Times
Tamar Lewin quotes Dr. Emery

The Boston Globe
Barbara F. Meltz interviews Dr. Emery for "When a divorced parent starts dating"

American Psychological Association (APA Monitor)
Dr. Emery featured in "Stepfamily success depends on ingredients" by Tori DeAngelis